modern palmist

May you see yourself in nature.

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For myself, walking this shamanic healing path is a great honor and responsibility. I come from a long line - many generations of healers and diviners who continue to work with me through dreams. I have also been blessed to learn from great teachers, living and deceased, who have instilled in me a deep love of our planet. I am profoundly grateful that this work is my life.

For over 20 years I worked as a journalist, producer, director, and storyteller. During that time I learned valuable lessons about the power of language, and the power of perception, and the power of voice. It is with this insight that I approach my work as a diviner, energy worker, shamanic practitioner and hand reader.

Walking this beautiful path means to be connected to every living thing while still. staying sovereign as I work in service to my community. To walk this path means to acknowledge all of life as an interconnected web of light. I acknowledge you.

It is with inexhaustible joy that I share my gifts with you.

Nicole Evelina



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